About EPII

Although a rigorous academic programe is at the core of everything, we at East Point Indian International School , do an equally outstanding curricular and co-curricular agenda for students endows them with a much needed holistic education to give them a competitive edge over their counterparts everywhere.

The management, staff and students are committed to our mission and work together to obtain exceptional results in the academic, co-curricular arenas and be happily productive in their very lives together at this completely at EPIIS.

East Point Indian International School was founded by Dr.Venkatapathy in 1997. An Educator at his core, his school is no doubt reflective of his far sighted vision for value education. A simple, yet distinctive and firm underlying philosophy of the school, to provide an international education while being steped in the rich Indian educational tradition and core values, has been received very positively across the globe.

The heritage continues today in EPIIS’s commitment to value of excellence personal responsibility and service, and in our special mission to educate each child, to empower him/her to face the vicissitudes that life will hold for them with grace and courage – a propose to which we are wholly committed to.